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PhD Programme Southeastern Europe


PhD Programme Southeastern Europe supports doctoral research at the University of Graz. The focus is on Southeastearn Europe through interdisciplinary exchange and methodological support of the participants. Furthermore, internationalistion is one of the main emphasis of the programme. Therefore, the programme facilitates study and research trips to other universities, as well as regular visiting lectures. After their participation, PhD students receive a certificate confirming their successful completion.

Target group

The Programme is intended for all doctoral students of the University of Graz from the Faculty of Humanities, Law, Social Sciences and Economics, Theology and Enviromental, Regional, and Educational Sciences whose research focuses on Southeastern Europe and who are interested in a interdisciplinary exchange.

What we offer

Students will participate in four doctoral colloquia that will take place once per semester. These are held either as intensive block seminars over several days or as regular classes during the semester in either English or German (based on the need of participating students). Students will be able to present their current stage of research. In addition, regular events and seminars will be held for students, including the brownbag seminars and the lecture series of the Centre for Southeast European Studies. Participating students are encouraged to present their research at least once at a brownbag seminar. In addition, further classes will be offered to doctoral students in German and English. If you have any questions or queries, please contact your supervisor of the coordinator of the progam, Florian Bieber: florian.bieber(at)uni-graz.at


Core Faculty Members

1. Prof. Florian Bieber, CSEES
2. Prof. Karl Kaser, South East European History and Anthropology
3. Prof. Libora Oates-Indruchova,Department of Sociology, Sociology of Gender
4. Prof. Anita Ziegerhofer, Institute for Legal History and Development of European Law
5. Prof. Katharina Scherke,Institute for Sociology 
6. Prof. Emma Lantschner, CSEES
7. Prof. Renate Hansen-Kokoruš, Institute of Slavic Studies
8. Prof. Ulrich Ermann, Institute of Geography and Regional Science 
9. Prof. Basilius Groen, Institute of Liturgical Studies 
10. Prof. Andreas Leben, Institute of Slavic Studies
11. Prof. Josef Marko, Institute of Public Law and Political Science 
12. Prof. Renate Ortlieb, Department of Human Resource Management
13. Prof. Kerem Öktem, CSEES
14. Prof. Boban Arsenijevic, Institute of Slavic Studies
15. Prof. Tomislav Borić, Institute for Corporate and Commercial Law

The PhD researchers will also be supported by associated faculty members:

Prof. Pablo Argárate, Institute of Ecumenical Theology
Prof. Hubert Isak, Institute of European Law
Prof. Jörn Kleinert, Institute of Economics
Prof. Ulla Kriebernegg, Center for Inter-American Studies
Prof. Gerald Lamprecht, Centre for Jewish Studies
Prof. Lukas Meyer, Institute for Philosophy
Prof. Stephan Moebius, Institute for Sociology
Prof. Johanna Muckenhuber, Institute for Sociology
Prof. Gerd Oberleitner, Institute of International Law and International Relations
Prof. Wolfgang Spickermann, Institute for History and Archaeology
Prof. Georg Vogeler, Centre for Information Modelling

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Centre for Southeast Europeam Studies
Schubertstrasse 21/1, 8010 Graz
Dr. Hrvoje Paic
phone: +43 (0) 316 380 - 6824
email: h.paic@uni-graz.at


Centre for Southeast European Studies

Schubertstrasse 21/1
8010 Graz, Austria

Phone:+43 316 380 - 6823

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