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Aktuelle Visiting Fellows

Sarah Craycraft

Craycraft is a PhD Candidate in Comparative Studies and Folklore at Ohio State University. Her dissertation investigates rural revitalization in Bulgaria, specifically exploring residency project formats as modes of return and reconnection between generations and between places, in comparison to other forms of engagement with village life—physical mobility, nostalgic return, curated short-term experiences (volunteering, travel/tourism, residencies), commodification and consumption. Other interests include heritagization and revival, ideologies/pedagogies of handiwork, public humanities, embroidery and women's textile practices, space and place studies, Appalachian folklife, and border studies.

Brown Bag: Reinventing the Village: Youth, Heritage, and Revitalization in Contemporary Bulgaria


Robert Rydzewski

Rydzewski is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Southeast European Studies. He defended his PhD entitled “The ‘Refugee Crisis’ - an Anthropological Case Study of the Serbian Part of the Western Balkan Route” at Institute of Anthropology and Ethnology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland in November 2020. His research interests focus on the migration from and through the Southeastern European countries, the EU border regime and pro-refugee social movements. At the Centre for Migration Studies, UAM in Poznan he runs the project “The Cooperation of Pro-refugee Initiatives with Formal Entities in Poland” with a group of activists.

Brown Bag: The Balkan Route - The recent History of Migration from and through the South-Eastern Europe


Vladimir Vučković

Vučković is a visiting lecturer in the Department of International Relations and European Studies at the Masaryk University with a research interest focusing on the European Union, populism in Europe, and Western Balkan political and socioeconomic developments. He has held a visiting fellowship at the Department of Political Science at the University of Stockholm in 2017. He is the author of the monograph Europeanizing Montenegro: The European Union, the Rule of Law, and Regional Cooperation (2021) and editor of the volume Balkanizing Europeanization: Fight against Corruption and Regional Relations in the Western Balkans (2019). His publications have appeared in the Journal of Slavic Military Studies, Romanian Journal of European Affairs, and Europe-Asia Studies and Political Studies Review, among others.

Brown Bag: Colliding Neighbors: Serbia and Montenegro in Post-Yugoslav Context - Identity and Interest Representation


Samantha Guzman

Guzman received an MA in Comparative History from Central European University in 2016 and a second MA in Military History and Strategic Studies from National University of Ireland, Maynooth in 2018. She is a PhD candidate at the History Institute, University of Bern in Switzerland and is currently a visiting fellow at the Centre for Southeast European Studies, University of Graz. The topic of her PhD dissertation focuses on the formation of Kosovar Albanian political and nationalist organisations in Central Europe during the twentieth century.

Brown Bag: The War Back Home: Kosovo Albanian Political and Nationalist Organisations in Central Europe, 1968-1998


Danilo Šarenac

Danilo Šarenac (1980) is a senior researcher at the Institute for Contemporary History in Belgrade. He defended his thesis in 2011 at the Belgrade University. His research has been focused on cultural and social impacts of the 1912–1918 wars in the Balkans. He also deals with the themes related to culture of memory and history of technology.

Brown Bag: How to Historicize a Paranoia: Serbia’s defense against the Revision of History (2014-2018)


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