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New Book: Negotiating Unity and Diversity in the European Union

Mittwoch, 10.02.2021, Buchpräsentation

Florian Bieber co-authored "Negotiating Unity and Diversity in the European Union" with Roland Bieber, published by Palgrave. This book explores how the European Union has been responding to the challenge of diversity. In doing so, it considers the EU as a complex polity that has found novel ways for accommodating diversity. This volume argues that in order to understand the EU’s effort in managing the diversity among its members and citizens it is more effective to look at the EU as a state. The experience of the EU contributes to the understanding of how states and other polities can respond to challenges of diversity, including both the diversity of constituent units or of sub-national groups and identities.

Florian Bieber is Professor for Southeast European History and Politics at the University of Graz, Austria.

Roland Bieber is Professor Emeritus of European Law at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

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